Our contribution to sustainable holidays in South Tyrol!



Sustainability …

... it's not just a word, it is a way of life on which we base our choices. We can all do something to improve our impact in the world. We do our bit by helping you have a sustainable holiday.

Here's what we aspire to:

Tourism that takes full account of current and future economic, social and environmental factors, without forgetting the needs of visitors, businesses, the environment and local communities.

Here's what we have started to do:

Room lighting
LED lamps



  • Our supplier is the San Vigilio Power Company which produces green electricity.
  • Energy saving: we use almost entirely energy-saving LED light bulbs.
  • We have solar panels which we use for hot water or otherwise to heat the wellness area and swimming pool, or for central heating, depending on the season, our guests, and necessity.
  • We try to change all refrigerators and appliances that use a lot of power for ones that save on water and electricity.
Geraniums on the balconies

consum dal ega

Water savings

  • All the new taps are water-saving.
  • Irrigation: the geraniums on the balconies, the thujas and the garden in front of the pool are watered manually and with an automated system that comes on early in the morning or at night, when water can be put to optimal use.
  • Our swimming pool has a salt chlorination system, which is natural and has a very low environmental impact, and those who swim in it immediately feel the difference: the water is not aggressive for the skin and eyes.

despartiziun dal refodam


  • We have always put recycling first, and you can help us.
  • There are containers on each floor and at the back of the house under the glass roof, for glass, paper, cardboard, organic waste, jars, plastic bottles, light bulbs and batteries.
Room cleaning
Low-polluting products

produc da puzené

Cleaning products

  • We are switching from low-polluting products by Hygan to products that are also by Hygan, but with ECOLABEL certification.
  • We have an automatic dosing system for the washing machine which limits the amount of detergent used.
Local wines and products
Local products

datri contribuc

Other contributions we make

  • Paper: we only buy recycled paper.
  • Our aim is to use exclusively products with low environmental impact.
  • Regionality: we mainly buy from regional companies. We also have any renovation work carried out by local tradesmen, using local materials where possible.
  • We have agreements with ski rental companies and restaurants and cooperate to promote local trade.
  • We support all kinds of cultural associations by advertising for their events.
  • We have a beautiful Natural Park and we provide information on how to visit it in a sustainable way and enjoy nature, to the benefit of us all.
  • We calculate our CO2 emissions and plant trees to reduce our environmental impact.
  • Holiday pass: discover South Tyrol by regional bus and train: with this card you can travel free of charge throughout South Tyrol and help us all to reduce harmful emissions.
What our guests say about us:

We will not become "green" overnight. We do not simply throw away products or appliances to buy new ones but replace them gradually. For example, there are some things we have in stock: we use them and when they are finished, we resort to environmentally friendly alternatives.

Everyone can do something, and together we can do a lot. We protect our community and the earth and build a better future for the next generation.

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