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Lucia: Passionate about being a hostess

Travelling forms and expands your horizons, they say. When travelling, I learned an important lesson for my job: treat others as you would like to be treated, and the things you would like on holiday you should also provide to your own guests. At the end you do not need much to be happy. Sometimes it is a delicious meal, a good glass of wine, some downtime in our fascinating natural landscape or an interesting discussion. It’s good that all of those are possible here.”


Correct, direct, sincere and friendly. A true Ladin, straightforward and down-to-earth. An epicurean. She prefers to be outdoors, doing Nordic walking, skiing, hiking, using her e-bike or chopper, which is with her in almost all of her adventures in the Dolomites. With her heart in the right place. Which beats faster for her family, friends, the Ladin culture and for the Garni Diamant: Hello dear guest, my name is Lucia, your host!

The Garni was opened in 1972 by my parents. Since then, we have always kept our guest house up to date in order to always fulfil the needs of our guests. My husband, my team and I are happy to welcome you here!

The team: always here for you!

Our regular guests already know us by name, and occasionally we exchange memories and anecdotes – the team at the Garni Residence Diamant is looking forward to meeting you!



… my husband has a knack for all things technical.



… my son is attending the culinary school and sometimes he bakes delicious cakes for breakfast.



… has a particularly hearty nature and is truly passionate about children and animals!



… prepares the most delicious cappuccinos. A smile comes with it free of charge!



… always has an open ear!



… puts the fear into the hearts of mice and loves being pet.

What our guests say about us:

Breakfast has a variety of choices from special bread, speck (traditional raw ham) and cheese to cake and croissant, Yogurth is delicious. A good restaurant is just in front. Above all the helpfulness and smile of signora Lucia!


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