Meditation in the nature of South Tyrol | In harmony with yourself

meditaziun, por le corp i por l’anima

Enjoy nature, enjoy life!

Finding balance and serenity has never been more important for us than in these times.

It is also for this reason that we are starting a new wellness programme, “Enjoy nature, enjoy life”, to help you find balance and serenity in the middle of nature. Let's fall in love with nature, ourselves and life, all over again!

Give yourself a chance to live life as the most authentic version of yourself, with trust, clarity and love.

Begin to listen to your inner self again, retreat into the deepest part of yourself. So you can live life to the fullest and find peace and balance.

Relaxing in nature

We learn how to go beyond the mind to enter our deepest part, in stillness and silence, to find our centre of balance.

Let's find out together:

  • What is meditation
  • Different meditation techniques and tools to allow everyone to do it
  • Breathing exercises and "Mindfulness"

Yoga Nidra

The aim is to bring the mind into a delta wave state of consciousness, introducing a deep rest called lucid dreaming into the physical body and activating cellular repair, while creating the space to rework limiting belief patterns.

What our guests say about us:

Feed your mind, body and soul. Heal the relationship you have with yourself and bring about changes in your life.

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